The Everlab Protocol™

Program structure

Each year, you will get a comprehensive diagnostic assessment that consolidates your medical records, family and personal health history along with a suite of tests ranging from bloods and physical to genetics and functional testing.



Complete a secure, online questionnaire of your medical history that covers everything from genetics and family history, to relationships and mental health. We use this to personalise your diagnostics and recommendations.


Onboarding Consult

Meet with the doctor assigned to your care. Your doctor will help personalise the everlab protocol to ensure it meets your goals and concerns.

WEEK 2 - 4


Depending on your needs, your diagnostics may include blood, and urine samples along with scans, cardiac testing and a physical examination.


Results Review

Your doctor will review your full diagnostic data and medical history to build a report that highlights the key risks and opportunities for you to live a happier, healthier life. Get a comprehensive snapshot of the state of your health today.


Intervention Plan

You and your doctor review the diagnostic results, determine priorities and establish a plan of action covering diet, exercise, lifestyle, medication and more. We ensure you leave with clear next steps to improve your health.



We provide you motivation and support on a weekly basis, so you make progress towards your health goals. Your personal doctor checks in on your progress on a quarterly basis to make sure you live at your happiest and healthiest.

Year 1

Annual Review

Life changes. And so does your body. Therefore, we evolve your plan as your lifestyle changes, re-assess your biomarkers yearly and re-set goals and priorities.

Own your health today